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St. Mary's Chapel and Columbarium

In 2002, St. Mary's Chapel was redesigned and updated to accommodate the installation of a columbarium. The Chapel is a place of quiet peace, even on the noisiest nights of summer at the  shore. Open 24 hours a day, visitors often stop in to say a prayer or light a candle, place flowers at the Columbarium, or just spend a minute in quiet reflection.

It is used for intimate services, to renew wedding vows, or for family memorial services. It is a place of reverence and it contains St. Mary's Columbarium.


The Columbarium

After discussion and study, the Vestry voted to install a columbarium for parishioners who choose to have their cremated remains interred at St. Mary's. The practice of cremation has increased over the past several years. It is less costly than a traditional burial and preferred by many. A columbarium located within a church provides an attractive alternative to burial in a cemetery, offering family members immediate access at all times to the interment site of their loved one. Also, parishioners who choose to use the columbarium find much comfort in knowing that their remains will be brought home to their church. The cremated remains have perpetual care, with the columbarium being maintained, cleaned and protected just as the church building itself is. The columbarium is a Christian ministry of loving service to our members and their immediate families at this important time of need.

St. Mary's Columbarium is located in the Chapel along the West wall. The outside wall of remembrance contains plaques memorializing those whose remains are interred within. Construction was completed at Easter 2002.

If you would like to receive an information packet about St. Mary's Columbarium, please contact the parish office.

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