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Vestry, Finance and Property

The role of the Vestry: Protect the Vision, Insure the Values, Uphold Financial Integrity, Support the Rector, Model Sacrificial Giving    Canon David Roseberr April 25th, 2016 Leaderworks

St. Mary's Vestry serves as the elected leadership body of the church. Members serve for three-year terms. A Senior and Junior Warden lead the Vestry. This group is responsible for the parish budget, goals, and objectives, stewardship, property concerns and work closely with the Rector in the leadership and growth of St. Mary's.

The Finance Committee, one of two standing committees of the parish, reviews parish finances, plans the annual budget, explores various ways to use the church funds to assure the financial security of St. Mary's, and reports their recommendations to the Vestry for approval.

The Property Committee, the other standing committee, is responsible for maintenance and repair of church property, as well as assessing future needs as the parish grows. Responsibilities include preparing an inventory of church property for insurance purposes.

The Vestry  and Finance Committee meet monthly.  The Property Committee meets as needed. St. Mary's Annual Meeting is held on the 2nd Sunday of January.

The 2023 Annual Report to the Congregation
may be downloaded here.

St. Mary's 2024 Vestry

Sr. Warden
Lillian Armstrong


Jr. Warden
Cheryl Lukens Oleferuk


Clerk of the Vestry

Dina Ziemba


Marion Myers
Lawrence Schmidt
Dr. Sandra Harmon-Weiss
Cheryl Lukens Oleferuk
Cathy Johnson
Allyn Penkethman


Jack Olthuis

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